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Members of the Board of Directors, Corporate Assembly and Nomination Committee are elected to terms of up to two years . If it becomes necessary to replace members during a term, new candidates will be evaluated and nominated for election to the Corporate Assembly or General Meeting in the course of the term.


The Nomination Committee invites shareholders to recommend candidates to the Board of Directors, Corporate Assembly or Nomination Committee. Recommendations should be made by the end of November. Recommended candidates will be put before the Nomination Committee.


Proposed candidates will be submitted to the chair of the nomination committee prior to the election in question. (Hydro reserves the right to reject proposals without stating the reason.)


Proposed candidate
Proposal for

In order to be considered, the justification must include information relating to the
candidate’s relevant experience, professional qualifications and other offices held.
Proposal submitted by
If the shares are administered by an account manager, please state their name, address
and VPS account. Hydro reserves the right to reject proposals if the information is not
in accordance with Hydro’s share register
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