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The Hydro share


The Hydro share is listed in two countries. Ordinary shares are listed in Oslo (Norway) and London (Great Britain). All shares have equal rights and are freely transferable. In the United States the shares are traded on OTCQX International, the premium over-the-counter market tier, in the form of American Depositary Receipts evidencing American Depositary Shares, which carry the same shareholder rights as ordinary shares.



An overview of Hydro's 20 largest shareholders is updated each week and a continuous update of managements shareholding is provided. All transaction under share buyback authorizations is also disclosed

Investor tools

Get a graphical overview of Hydro's share price development, look up historical share prices, download Hydros investor package and learn how to buy or sell shares.


Contact information for Hydro's registrar in Norway.


Information for holders of American Depository Receipts evidencing Hydro's American Depositary Shares traded in the U.S.


Provides an overview over historic dividend payments including relevant dates.

General meeting

The general meeting is the highest decision-making authority of the company. Read more about the notices and the minutes for the general meetings.

 Hydro's share
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Oslo Stock Exchange

Ticker symbol: NHY

Ticker symbol: NHY

Ticker symbol: NHYDY