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Sheet ingots

Sheet ingot for the rolling industry

Sheet ingot for the rolling industry

Hydro supplies a wide range of sheet ingot dimensions and alloys based on primary and cold metal for production of plates, strip and foil to a number of end user segments. We supply the main alloy types within the segment, normally produced according to customer specific requirements.

Key features

  • Consistent alloy composition
  • Low level of impurities
  • Precise geometry tolerances
  • Excellent surface quality

Product details

Sheet ingots are produced in thicknesses ranging from 330 to 610, widths from 800 to 2200 mm and lengths up to 8,5 meters. We offer alloys in the 1xxx-, 3xxx-, 4xxx-, 5xxx-, 6xxx- and 8xxx- series.

Application areas

  • Lithographic printing plates
  • Packaging
  • Building
  • Automotive and transport
  • General engineering

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Other metals are added to the molten aluminium to form various foundry alloys.

Molten aluminium is tapped from the pots and cast into logs, rolling slabs or ingots, depending on whether further processing is extruding, rolling or remelting. Small quantities of other metals can be added to the liquid aluminium to produce foundry alloys of different durability and tensile strengths.

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Sheet ingots



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