three green bullets


48 employees
2 locations
3723 revenue (NOK million)

Union JackCapital: London

Languages: Predominantly English with regional languages: Irish, Ulster Scots, Scottish Gaelic, Scots, Welsh and Cornish

In the UK, Hydro is present with an aluminium remelter and sales offices

In addition, our 50-percent joint venture with Orkla, Sapa, has operations in the UK. Sapa is the world leader in aluminium solutions in extrusions, building systems, and precision tubing.

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Revenue figure from Annual Report 2015 based on customer location. We only list number of employees and locations for companies with an ownership higher than 50%.

Information from Industriforsikring (Hydro's industrial insurance company):
Employers Liability Register 2011 (PDF)
Employers Liability Register 2012 (PDF)
Employers Liability Register 2013 (PDF)