Karmøy technology pilot

When Hydro's pilot plant at Karmøy begins operation in 2017, it will have the most climate and energy efficient aluminium production technology in the world.

Production start 2017, annual production 75,000 tonnes aluminium, 15% more energy efficient

Hydro is a world leader in research and development in the aluminium industry. We want to use the technology pilot at Karmøy to roll out the world’s most energy and climate efficient technology for producing aluminium.

In recent years, our researchers in Hydro’s technology centers in Årdal, Porsgrunn and Neuss have developed the next generation in electrolysis technology, which will reduce energy consumption and emissions in the aluminium industry. This technology is now ready to be tested in a full-scale production plant.

If we succeed, the new technology as a whole can be installed in future aluminium plants, and some technology elements can be implemented in existing plants to improve energy efficiency and operational stability.

The new pilot facility will be built at Hydro’s existing aluminium plant at Karmøy in Rogaland County.

More facts about the pilot here.

Updated: September 23, 2016