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Extruded products

Extruded aluminium products are being used more frequently worldwide in ever new application areas. The possibilities for using aluminium profiles are as limitless as your imagination.
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Material of the future

Through our 50 percent-owned company Sapa we produce extruded aluminium profiles, semi-finished components, system solutions and finished products - all depending on the customer's requirements.

Customer satisfaction

Over the years Hydro has produced more than 200 000 different profiles for customers worldwide. Not all customers require customized aluminium extrusions. They can choose among 1 500 standard profiles. For help in choosing these standard profiles, please contact us! Our goal is to have superior products and satisfied customers.

The extrusion process

Extrusion technology offers endless possibilities for the product's shape. In many projects it may be best to design a unique profile, as this can often mean fewer parts and easier assembly of the final product. The many possibilities of aluminium profiles inspire us to produce creative designs and technical solutions that simplify things and save money. In order to develop the best products and reduce costs, it is recommended that the profile supplier and customer work together in the initial phase of the project.

Optimal choice

The correct choice of shape and metal alloy is essential for both the development process and project budget. As a customer of our extrusion company Sapa you are guaranteed high quality and precision in production thanks to our excellent professionals and modern technology.

Updated: December 16, 2013
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Extruded products



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