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As a fully integrated aluminium company, Hydro is present in all aluminum market segments throughout the entire value chain.
Most of the aluminium profiles extruded in the Benelux are delivered to the transport, machinery and building & construction sector across Europe. Wheter they are small, medium, long-length or big, our profiles meet the highest quality and environmental standards.


Extrusions in the Benelux : our 6 production facilities at a glance

We will keep you ahead in applying sustainable aluminium applications.

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We think along 

Our extensive team of skilled and enthusiastic engineers is available to offer you unrivaled R&D opportunities. With their knowledge, they can improve your design and make it lighter, stronger and functionally better.

Local presence

With our locations throughout the Benelux, we are always near you. This not only means that we speak the same language, but that we are also always nearby to think together about innovative and sustainable aluminum solutions for your applications.

Short delivery time

By properly distributing customer orders to our various manufacturing locations in the Benelux, we can keep lead times short and we deliver when you need the profiles in your process: Just In Time. 

High flexibility

Reality is always unruly and sometimes your process will turn out differently than planned. You may need profiles sooner or later. Even then we adapt and we deliver Just In Time (sooner or later).

High delivery reliability

Our quality and reliability are important for the stability of your logistics process. We know this is important to you and that is why we stick to the agreements we have made together. You can count on us.

We work sustainably

Our aim is to keep our customers ahead in applying sustainable aluminium. In all applications, the use of durable and recyclable materials with a low carbon footprint will contribute to reducing global emissions and create products for a more circular economy. 
Moreover, we work with our customers on designing products and solutions that facilitate easy disassembly, bringing us ever deeper into the circular economy.

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To read more about Hydro's sustainability program, click on the links below :

Extrusions in the Benelux : more than an aluminium profile

Benelux at a glance Small and Medium Extrusions Big Extrusions Aluminium platform for Designers Pole Products

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