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Unique design collaboration

The influential magazine Wallpaper* is featuring an aluminium concept electric vehicle called the Hydro Trike under development.

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the hydro trike

A sustainable choice for bridge

Aluminium could be a cost-efficient and climate-friendly alternative.

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Illustration of aluminium bridge

A more sustainable automotive future

The carbon footprint of your electric vehicle is shaped by where the materials come from and how they are produced.

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highway cloverleaf with trees
Illustration landskabsbillede

Global rækkevidde – lokal tilstedeværelse

Hydro i Danmark

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Om Hydro

simplified illustration of a world map

40 lande

35,000 medarbejdere


Hydro er en fuldt integreret aluminiumvirksomhed med 35.000 medarbejdere i 40 lande på alle kontinenter, der kombinerer lokal ekspertise, global forskning og uovertruffen kapacitet inden for F&U.


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