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Complex aluminium extrusions for automotive structures

Utilizing our range of high-strength and energy-absorbent alloys, we can produce complex extruded components for automotive sill assemblies. Using the light-weight and high-strength benefits of aluminium, sill assemblies can provide side impact protection while improving running efficiency.

Extruded aluminum component for automotive sill members

The role of aluminium as a primary material choice for automotive components continues to rise due to the benefits associated with light weight, high strength, energy absorption and recyclability. Hydro continues to put research and development at the forefront of our ambitions for a safer and more sustainable automotive industry through our latest range of alloys and production capabilities for side sills, sill members and battery tray sills.

We offer bespoke aluminium extruded profiles from our network of automotive extrusion presses, using our catalogue of alloys. This enables us to provide you with complex profiles that take advantage of the weight-to-strength ratio and high energy absorption properties of aluminium.

Our production offerings can also provide value-added services. These include CNC machining, welding, punching, stamping, cutting and assembly to develop an extruded profile into a fabricated automotive component with full traceability and reliability through the production chain.

High-strength aluminium alloys for automotive applications

High-strength aluminium alloys are being specified for structural applications that have elevated strength requirements, like bumper systems, longitudinals and side sills.

We are consistently developing new 6000-series alloys through careful microstructure design and process control to help achieve OEMs’ targets and categories for yield and tensile strength.

Through research and development, we are giving carmakers the ability to choose the aluminium alloys that are optimized for the solution required, the application and its function.

Aluminium for a more sustainable automotive industry

Our automotive European production sites are certified to ASI’s Performance and Chain of Custody Standards.

We can also offer a range of low carbon and recycled content alloys to help you meet your sustainability ambitions and targets.

Utilizing our "one-stop shop" approach to automotive production can also help reduce the carbon footprint of your product through the reduction of transportation.

Why choose aluminium for your automotive component:

  • It’s light: Improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions through optimized design and substantial weight reductions.
  • It’s safer: Industry-specific alloys built from research for improved strength and enhanced energy absorbption for crash performance and roll protection.
  • It looks good: Design for performance and aesthetics utilizing our capabilities for surface treatment and decorative coatings.
  • It may have been used before: We offer a range of low-carbon and recycled-content aluminium alloys to help you improve the impact of your design in terms of carbon footprint and sustainability. With no compromise in quality.

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