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Air emissions

Emissions to air are another by-product of the aluminium production process and are generated at all stages of the value chain.


Key air emissions generated by our operations include fluorides, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide and others. Typically, emissions to air are tightly regulated at a local and national level and Hydro’s operations strive to be legally compliant with those regulations. 

Beyond legal compliance, Hydro has a responsibility to identify all material emissions to air that have an adverse effect on human health and safety or that of the environment. We then implement appropriate actions to reduce the production and emission of these harmful gases through process optimization and effective treatment. To assess the effectiveness of these actions, all of our operational sites maintain an emissions monitoring program to measure and report on the material emissions to air. 

Hydro’s approach to air emission control and management is guided by our participation in industry associations (e.g. ICMM, IAI and ASI) and the best practices detailed in their performance standards and other internationally recognized standards (e.g. IFC). 

SDG 12 “Responsible Consumption and Production” 

12.4 By 2020, achieve the environmentally sound management of chemicals and all wastes throughout their life cycle, in accordance with agreed international frameworks, and significantly reduce their release to air, water and soil in order to minimize their adverse impacts on human health and the environment