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Hydro Energy's strategic direction

As the world is transitioning to greener energy, the energy sector is changing quickly, both in terms of technology development and framework conditions. With that comes new business opportunities.


Energy’s strategic objectives can be summarized in the following three pillars:

  • To deliver value from strong performance and new business models in the power industry.
    This means that our operations shall be “on the podium” measured in terms of cost, safety and environmental factors. 
  • To be Hydro’s energy competence center, providing competitive sourcing and optimal energy system solutions.
    Energy is a Center of Excellence for the rest of Hydro, helping other business areas in securing lower energy sourcing costs, lowered risk and increased use of renewables for a lower carbon footprint.
  • To build complementary new business in renewable energy to create and capture new value.
    The transition from fossil to renewable-based energy systems creates new business opportunities, which Energy will capture through partnerships and strategic investments 

Circular Economy Lifecycle Assessment

Only when designers, manufactures, producers, and purchasers understand the environmental and social impacts throughout the life cycle of material selection and design, we will be able to achieve a true circular economy.

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