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Meet the team behind the Tom Dixon + Hydro collaboration

Meet the experts joining forces to make a chair that is made from recycled aluminium, designed to last and easily recycled at the end of its useful life.

Our philosophy is that it is through uniting experts, from our own material engineers to designers like Tom Dixon, we can reduce carbon footprint and develop products that can go back into the loop – starting already at the drawing board.

tom dixon and moreTom Dixon 
Industrial designer 

Tom Dixon, OBE, is one of Britain’s most successful designers. He discovered his passion for metal at a young age, digging through his local scrap yard. Today, his works are showcased by renowned museums all over the world.  

“I’ve always liked metal just in general. Aluminium is non-corrosive, light. What can I say? I think it feels quite precious. For a designer, it’s always really interesting to see new potential in a traditional material. 

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Malgorzata Chojak HalseidMalgorzata Chojak Halseid
Senior Research Scientist at Hydro 

Malgorzata Chojak Halseid works with surface treatment of aluminium and advises engineers and designers on how to realize their ideas. By casting, rolling, forging or extruding aluminium, she knows from experience that you can transform it into almost anything. 

“You can make use of aluminium in an infinite amount of ways. It is light but strong. It efficiently leads electricity, it’s not magnetic, it’s corrosion resistant, it can be recycled and it’s incredibly easy to form.”  

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Jake RichardsonJake Richardson
Design Engineer at Hydro 

Jake has worked as a Design Engineer at Hydro for nine years, managing larger fabrication projects. Richardson encourages designers and engineers who are considering using aluminium to reach out as early as possible in the design process for advice and consultation.   

“Collaborating from the start means we can offer sustainable solutions at better prices, and give guidance based on our experience with other companies. This is most likely information that the client isn’t familiar with, that in many cases will define the success of the project.” 

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Stephanie Hornig  and moreStephanie Hornig 
Furniture Designer at the Tom Dixon Studio 

Stephanie Hornig is the mind behind all interior pieces and furniture at the Tom Dixon Design Studio in London and manages partnerships on behalf of Tom Dixon.   

“We wanted to make an aluminium chair with the highest possible recycled content, while at the same time keeping it light, affordable, comfortable and beautiful. Our collaboration with Hydro shows how a designer and the industry can work together and learn from each other.” 

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Anders HelanderAnders Helander 
Head of Extruded Profiles 

Anders has more than 40 years of experience working with extruded aluminium profiles, as he started working at the extrusion plant in Vetlanda, Sweden, as a summer intern in 1978Anders knows that getting into a project in the design phase is critical to realize a product’s full potential, and his deep knowledge of technical services and product development came in handy in the first phase of the project.   

You can do a lot with profiles. It’s only your imagination that is the limit.”  

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mattias erikssonMattias Eriksson
Head of Rolled Products sales, Sweden  

Mattias joined Hydro in May 2017 and is head of the Rolled Products sales office in Sweden. He is also responsible for the markets in Finland and Estonia, and participated in the project with his knowledge of the possibilities of rolled aluminium in design 

“My expectations before the meeting with Tom Dixon was like a blank piece of paper. It was a very interesting project and fantastic collaboration around the table. 

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