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identity card with photo of a woman. Others with text only, representing Service, Temporary and Contractor

Minor adjustments to the format in order to fit local production requirements are allowed.

Personal cards

Have the following mandatory elements on the front side:

  • Hydro logo in blue
  • Full name
  • Portrait of card holder

Non-personal cards

Are color coded and have the following mandatory elements on the front side:

  • Hydro logo in blue
  • Location
  • Card number
  • Card type

The information on the back side will be placed automatically by the card producer. 

Color coding of non-personal cards

Hydro Blue

Guards, Contractors, Consultants,

Cleaners and all other persons working on short term contracts or for external service providers.

Hydro Light Blue


Hydro Green


Hydro Bauxite

Access cards for specific areas of our buildings, like gym facilities or
common areas. Any further need for color coding should be assessed and decided locally. If additional colors are needed, only use official Hydro brand colors. These are included as swatches in the InDesign template.