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HydroCoat for License Plates and Road Signs

Robust and durable in any traffic and all weathers, at lowest maintenance – license plates and road signs need to stand challenging conditions. For more than 30 years, our license plate and road sign customers have been enjoying our HydroCoat aluminium strip due to exactly these qualities.

Camel warning side along desert road
Hydro provides aluminium for license plates and road signs, pre-treated to stand all weathers and any traffic, also in recycling-friendly alloys.

Our patented electrochemical pre-treatment prepares the surface of the aluminium and gives it excellent adhesion properties for coatings and reflective films. It also builds up a protective layer which together with the HydroCoat provides extra corrosion resistance caused by road salt, petrol or diesel.

Our HydroCoat is supplied in a wide range of alloys and tempers, produced on specialized lines, in our plant in Holmestrand, Norway.

Our service promise: We offer high quality products and solutions.

We take pride in supplying products based on environmentally friendly raw materials and processes. Hydro therefore provides aluminium for license plates and road signs also in recycling-friendly alloys. Ask us for the benefits of 3xxx recycling-friendly alloys.

Our products are produced and tested to comply with EN 1396, EN 13523 and other DIN, EN, ASTM and BS norms. Our team can support you with any request and questions.

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