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HYTUBAL for multi-layer tubes

For 30 years, multi-layer tubes have been convincing more and more professionals for installation of water, heating systems, pressure air, and gas. Make sure that your tubing excels, with the optimum aluminium layer: HYTUBAL from Hydro.

man bending metal tube

Hydro is one of the world’s leading supplier of aluminium for the multilayer pipe market with over 25 years of product experience. Hytubal is a sophisticated product line developed to suit the high requirements of the multilayer pipe market. Our Hytubal portfolio provides the perfect solutions for:

  • high pressure performance
  • bendability
  • weight optimization
  • all fitting types
  • welding performance and quality.

Our patented thermo electro-chemical pre-treatment prepares the aluminium surface to ensure superior adhesion properties. This method allows us to offer a wider range of 3000 alloys that are commonly used for the larger pipe dimensions, with similar adhesion properties as the other alloy families. Combined with our excellent slitting quality, the Hytubal product is a guaranteed assurance for the perfect pipe product.

The Hytubal team is always dedicated to support you achieve the best solution. Our R&D in Bonn, Germany, is part of that team, adding more specialized competence in the field of polymers and adhesion. This expertise is always available for our customers.

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