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Low-carbon aluminium: Hydro REDUXA 4.0 and Hydro CIRCAL 75R

Our low-carbon aluminium products are designed to help you reach your sustainability goals and meet the demands of ever more climate-conscious consumers.

aluminium stamped with 4.0. Certified sustainable product Hydro and 75R % post-consumer scrap.

Our climate strategy is industry-leading: It is our aim to become carbon-neutral in a life-cycle perspective by 2020. We produce our own bauxite, our own alumina and our own renewable energy. We develop and operate electrolysis technology with the lowest energy consumption and the lowest emissions. We add science, innovation, R&D and advanced product development to our products, and we return post-consumer scrap to the loop to be used over and over again.

Our product line Hydro REDUXA 4.0 is verified according to ISO 14064 by DNV GL. Our primary aluminium is produced in Norway, using renewable hydropower. We use advanced technology with lower energy consumption and low direct emissions.

Operating the most advanced sorting technology in the industry allows us to provide the highest recycled content in the market. Hydro CIRCAL 75R extrusion ingot contains a minimum of 75 percent post-consumer scrap. The higher the recycled content, the lower the carbon footprint.

Hydro – The 360-degree aluminium company

By mastering every step of the entire value, as the world’s only 360-degree aluminium company, we are in a unique position to control and be responsible – for land, water and forests, for our employees and the communities where we operate, for the energy use and emissions in our processes, and for bringing end products back into the loop.

We are able to track our products, influence the total carbon footprint, minimize negative impact and maximize positive contributions – enabling circular solutions for the circular economy.