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Hermeta hooks up with Hydro CIRCAL

The relationship between Hermeta and Hydro goes back many years. A joint focus of the companies is sustainability that is in both of the companies genes. Continuous steps forward when it comes to sustainability.

Recently, the next step has been taken. Hermeta was the first company in the Netherlands to produce their design hooks 0111 from Hydro CIRCAL extruded profiles. Hydro CIRCAL contains at least 75 percent post-consumer scrap.


The process starts at the Hydro Extrusion plant in Drunen. Here the profiles of Hydro CIRCAL billets are extruded for Hermeta:


a pair of glass vasesHydro CIRCAL consists of at least 75% recycled aluminium from consumer waste, such as cans. By using this recycled aluminium, we significantly reduce our energy consumption, but still maintain a high quality of aluminium. The beauty of aluminium: it can be reused indefinitely, without loss of quality.

The higher the recycled content, the smaller the CO 2 footprint. Hydro CIRCAL is one of the most sustainable aluminum available today.


a white door with a black handle Sustainability and innovation

Hermeta stands for sustainability and innovation. Marcel van der Sluijs, CEO of Hermeta Metaalwaren BV: "One of our most important concerns is to gain insight into how our suppliers help us to guarantee and comply with the real sustainability claim we offer our customers".

Sustainable hooks from Hydro CIRCAL

The process continues at the Hermeta factory. As soon as the extrusion profiles arrive at Hermeta in Asperen, they are further processed into design hooks. This video shows the entire process:

In the coming period Hermeta wants to produce more Hydro CIRCAL aluminium products. In this way Hermeta and Hydro are working together towards a sustainable future.


Are you also interested in developing sustainable products together with Hydro? Please contact us.

About Hermeta

Hermeta has been supplying sustainable products that bring comfort to buildings for almost 100 years, such as building and furniture fittings, wardrobes and coat hooks, lockers, sanitary walls, facades and custom interior design. Hermeta supplies a wide range of products based on recycled aluminium.

Innovation, design, sustainability and craftsmanship are key.

Based on the idea that comfort for people is central, Hermeta devises innovative and sustainable solutions, such as changing rooms for the disabled, acoustic lockers, lifespan-proof handrail holders, coat racks at height for people in wheelchairs. To give substance to this, Hermeta has introduced two labels, Hermeta Life and Hermeta Blue, which contribute to people and the environment.


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