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Meet your sustainability goals – with low-carbon aluminium

When you want greener aluminium products with a lower carbon footprint, choose Hydro REDUXA.

jean-marc moulin
Story by Jean-Marc Moulin, Head of Sustainability, Hydro Extruded Solutions

The engineering of the future must be greener and more sustainable. It requires regulations that impose strict requirements on the one hand, and creative developers who won't be thrown off-stride on the other.

Our Hydro REDUXA range of extrusion ingot, foundry alloys, sheet ingot and wire rod is guaranteed to have generated a maximum 4.0 kg CO2-equivalents per 1.0 kg of aluminium – one-fourth the global average. It gives designers, engineers and the like a unique opportunity to combine a versatile metal with greener credentials.

We do this by using 100% renewable power like hydropower, wind power and hyper-efficient electrolysis technology at our aluminium plants in Norway.

By mastering every step of the entire value chain, from bauxite mining to alumina refining to aluminium production, and on to recycling, we are in a unique position to control every aspect.

We certify that dedicated parts of our production hold among the highest standard in the world, also in a climate perspective, because we believe that when our customer’s footprint shrinks, their opportunities expand.

Aluminium can be used over and over again without loss of quality. As a lightweight, strong and highly versatile material, it plays a big role in everyday life. You can find aluminium in anything from cars and airplanes to bicycles, computers, food packaging and more.

Ideal uses for Hydro REDUXA low-carbon aluminium include building and construction, automotive, industrial design, high-voltage cable and packaging.

Benefits of Hydro REDUXA:

  • Maximum 4.0 kg CO2e/kg aluminium, including all process steps
  • TRACEABLE down to each individual batch
  • VERIFIED by quality assurance experts DNV-GL, according to ISO 14064
  • CONFIRMED by Environment Product Declarations
  • Available as Aluminium Stewardship Initiative-certified aluminium

We are a full-service aluminium solutions supplier, from design expertise, packaging, assembly of complete products and logistics, as well as after-service and support.

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