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Stories by Hydro

Towards a sustainable mobile future through cooperation with Eco-Runner

Since this year Hydro Extrusions Benelux is the proud sponsor of the Eco-Runner: the world's most efficient city car to date. The organization is in the hands of 23 students from Delft University of Technology who, by building a hydrogen-powered city car, want to contribute to a sustainable future.


It is clear that the sustainable aspect of the Eco-Runner is a good match for Hydro, but by using aluminium the Eco-Runner is also lighter in weight. As a sponsor, Hydro was closely involved in the realisation of the sustainable design of the Eco-Runner XI.

Towards a sustainable future

By building this car and promoting hydrogen as part of the energy transition, Eco-Runner Team Delft wants to contribute to a sustainable future. The goal is to cover as much distance as possible with as little hydrogen as possible.

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Winner of Data and Telemetry Award

We can safely say that "the Eco-Runners" succeeded in their goal, as they recently won the Data and Telemetry Award of the Shell Eco-marathon Off-track awards. The judges described it as follows: "The data and telemetry system is excellent, comprehensive and very advanced.

They achieved this by working together as a team, but also in the chain such as with Hydro.

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