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Hydro Extrusion Hoogezand

Our aluminium manufacturing plant in Hoogezand specializes in extruding long lengths and precision-profiles. As a “one stop shop” we are able to anodize, powder coat and thermal break your extruded aluminium profiles in house.

Anodizing line Hydro Extrusion Hoogezand

Did you know?

Hydro Extrusion Hoogezand is one of five closely cooperating extrusion plants in the Benelux.

Two aluminium casthouses are also belonging to our Benelux organization. They ensure significantly that the production of our aluminum profiles meet current environmental requirements.

From aluminum profiles in long lengths to machined parts, ready for use

Development and extrusion of aluminum profiles

One of our strengths is to achieve functional, sustainable and economic profiles, also known as eco-design, through intensive cooperation with customers.


In Hoogezand, we anodize aluminum profiles in natural shades in layer thicknesses 5 to 25 mµ for profile lengths up to 7.8 m.

Powder Coating

On our vertical powder coat line we can coat profiles up to a length of 7.8 meters in almost every imaginable color. We also have the option of applying protective film.

Consultation is always possible on applying surface treatments to profiles of longer lengths.

Thermal break

With our insulating machine, also known as thermal break, we can provide profiles up to a length of 7.8 meters with an insulating lane to thermally separate the profiles.

Mechanical Treatment

With our modern machines, including CNC systems for finishing profiles, we can saw, deburr, drill, turn, mill and stamp to produce fabricated parts that are ready for assembly


We also make a large part of the required dies for extrusion at our own location, which means a logistical advantage and also a great deal of in-house knowledge

And that's not all!

Thanks to the close cooperation with our sister companies in the Benelux countries, there are endless additional options available to you.


Hydro Extrusion Hoogezand B.V.

Nijverheidsweg 9

9601 LX Hoogezand

The Netherlands

+31 598 319 911