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“The Høyanger Recycling project will allow us to increase our hybrid aluminium production where we mix recycled aluminium content into the production of primary aluminium. This method allows us to further reduce our already industry-leading carbon footprint and increase our recycling of post-consumer aluminium," says Head of Hydro Aluminium Metal Eivind Kallevik.

"Another positive aspect about the Høyanger Recycling project is that we will reuse and upgrade existing infrastructure and equipment that already exists in Høyanger. In other words, we are reusing to recycle for the benefit of climate, community and customers,” Kallevik says.

Executive Vice President in Hydro Aluminium Metal, Eivind Kallevik
Executive Vice President Eivind Kallevik (Foto: Nils Vibe-Rheymer/Hydro)

The NOK 105 million investment will mainly go to installation of new production equipment and upgrade of existing assets and buildings. The infrastructure and equipment now brought back in operation was previously were used to manufacture aluminium wheels.

Improved climate performance

When fully operational, Høyanger Recycling will have an annual capacity of 33,000 tonnes and around 20 direct employees. The recycled post-consumer aluminium will be divided among Hydro’s Norwegian primary aluminium smelters in Høyanger, Sunndal, Karmøy, Årdal and Husnes for use in hybrid production.

“Hydro is working to double its use of post-consumer aluminium and Høyanger Recycling is a strong contribution to reaching this target. By increasing and developing our hybrid production across the Norwegian smelters we will be able to offer our most climate-conscious customers an improved alternative in their sustainability efforts,” says Kallevik.

Since Hydro’s aluminium production in Norway is entirely based on renewable power, its average CO2 emissions are already only 25% of the global average and available to customers as Hydro REDUXA certified low-carbon primary aluminium. The introduction of post-consumer scrap in the production process of primary aluminium improves its climate performance even further.

Production at Høyanger Recycling is expected to begin in March 2023.

Hydro invests in increased recycling of post-consumer scrap

Hydro has an ambition to double post-consumer scrap recycling by 2025 and the Høyanger Recycling project is one of several investments made to reach this target.

An investment decision to build a new state-of-the-art aluminium recycling plant in Cassopolis, Michigan, in the U.S. has already been announced and production is set to start in 2023.

In addition, Hydro’s Rackwitz recycling plant near Leipzig in Germany is getting a significant capacity increase, while Hydro Clervaux in Luxembourg installed a new casting furnace during summer 2021, which also increases the plants’ capacity to recycle post-consumer scrap. Hydro’s Deeside recycling facility in the U.K. will also embark on a capacity expansion project starting in 2022.

Low-carbon aluminium: Hydro CIRCAL & Hydro REDUXA


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