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Hydro Talks

Hydro Talks sets out to explore the modern dilemmas for industry and society.

How can we create a more viable society? How can we produce better while consuming less? What should investors expect? What kind of technology and innovation can we implement to work smarter? In Hydro Talks we try to make sense out of these dilemmas.

Episode 6:


Business & society: Cyber-attack on Hydro (in Norwegian)

This episode of Hydro Talks is a cyber-attack special. Rikard Bodforss and Robin von Post from the Swedish “Säkerhetspodcasten” (The Cyber Security Podcast) talks to Hydro’s Corporate Information Security Officer (CISO) Torstein Gimnes Are at the CS3 conference held in Stockholm. This special episode of Hydro Talks is in Norwegian/Swedish. 

Episode 5:

Green paper dolls

Business & society: Green and sustainable finance

Can ‘green and sustainable’ go hand in hand with finance? What is sustainable finance and why is it getting increasingly important both for Hydro and business in general? Host Halvor Molland is joined by Hydro's CFO Pål Kildemo to dig into the topic. 

Episode 4:

Coronavirus stopping hand

Business & society: Our people and the Coronavirus

In this episode we explore and discuss the people perspective of the Coronavirus outbreak. These are challenging times for our colleagues, their loved ones and our local communities. What is Hydro doing to create a safe work environment? Is it normal to be scared in such a situation and what can you do about it? Joining host Halvor Molland we have Hydro’s EVP for People & HSE Hilde V. Nordh, Head of HSE Brian Jones and Lead Business Parter for HR Nina Thue.

Episode 3:

Cans ready for recycling

Low carbon future: 100% recycled, what does it actually mean? 

What is recycled aluminium and what makes recycling so important for the industry? There is a lot of talk about the importance of using recycled materials and that recycled materials are better than the alternative that is not recycled. Does recycled always indicate that it has a lower carbon footprint? In this episode we look at the advantages of recycling with Head of Hydro’s Technology Office Hans Erik Vatne and Head of Brand & Marketing Hilde Kallevig. Host: Halvor Molland.

Episode 2:


Business & society: The coronavirus

How is the coronavirus affecting global industry companies? In this episode, Hydro's Head of HSE Brian Jones and Hydro's Head of emergency preparedness Nick May discuss the measures taken by the company. Host: Halvor Molland.

Episode 1:


Low carbon future: European Green Deal

What is the Green Deal? In this episode we explore how the EU's new ambitious climate strategy, promoting green growth and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, will affect industry. Guests: Hydro's Head of EU affairs Rønnaug Sægrov Mysterud and Head of Sustainability Bjørn Kjetil Mauritzen. Host: Halvor Molland.