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Tailored extruded blanks

Tailored extruded aluminium blanks are the new solution for a flexible and advantageous lightweight process route. They give you the flexibility of the aluminium extrusion process together with the productivity of rolled sheet products.

Aluminium coil for tailored extruded blanks
This extruded and in-line coiled aluminium product is used as the base material for structural components produced on automated press lines.

Keep the strength where you need it

With tailored extruded blanks, you can keep the strength where it is needed and reduce the dead areas of your part. You get intelligent weight and cost savings for your project, and you will maintain or even surpass the performance you have with your current solutions.

Tailored extruded blanks

From aluminium coil to your application

From coil to final application

The extrusion process allows for an infinite number of design possibilities that match different product requirements, while the manufacturing process with coils offers high productivity and automation, optimization of cycle time, and scrap reduction.

In other words, tailored extruded blanks make available the best of both worlds.

Compatible with roll forming and press lines, the production is on similar equipment as for rolled aluminium sheet material, thus requiring a low tooling investment.

Key features

  • Optimized material allocation
  • Weight and cost savings
  • Design features for strength and stiffness
  • High productivity and efficiency in the manufacturing process
  • Scrap reduction
  • Wide range of potential applications

Potential applications in automotive parts and body in white

  • Windshield headers
  • Floor pans
  • Carrier support components
  • Fire wall connections
  • Front member reinforcements
  • Brackets
  • Tunnel reinforcements
  • Seat Crossmembers
  • Inner doors and lids
  • Frond module components
  • Seat structures
  • Battery trays
  • Axle components
  • Instrument panel structures
  • Crashbox connections