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Easy Systems

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Easy Systems produces innovative transport system with aluminium profiles from Hydro

The products of Easy Systems, manufacturer of transport systems and logistical solutions, consist for a large part of aluminium profiles. Part of these are constructed using standard profiles and components.

"With aluminium profiles we are able to work quickly and efficiently. By adding functionalities to the profile, we can easily assemble components such as side guides and sensors. Flexibility is very important in this sector," says David Taverniers, general manager of Easy Sytems.

Development of own transport system: the Flexway conveyor  system

Easy SystemsIn addition to supplying standard solutions, Easy Systems also develops its own transport systems, an example of which is the 'Flexway conveyor system'. The unique construction, with an aluminium rail profile and transport chain, makes it possible to bridge long distances, with various bends, driven by a single motor. As a result, fewer sensors and cables are required and it is easier to keep control. The system is modular and easy to adapt or extend, and the construction of the conveyor chain and wings is so flexible that very small bends can be made.

Easy systems was looking for a reliable party to supply their anodised aluminium profiles and found the right party with Hydro. David: We chose Hydro because of their quality and fast delivery time. Together with Hydro the system can be further developed."


About Easy Systems

Easy Systems' mission is to ensure that they are the point of contact for their customers in the search for internal transport systems, logistics solutions and aluminium constructions. The wide variety of standard products and (combination of) solutions, complemented by their own highly experienced technical staff, provide customers with the best (technical and cost-saving) solution. This can be a simple system or an all-in-one project. Easy Systems is based in Geel (BE).

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