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Isak Adserø

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Meet Isak: ‘I get to use everything I have learned in real-life cases’

Isak Adserø, 27, is an intern in Hydro’s marketing and communication department, where gets to use his studies to help create and analyze a marketing campaign.


Stjørdal, Norway


Master of Science in Strategic Marketing Management, BI Norwegian Business School

Position and location in Hydro

Marketing & Communication team in Oslo


Use findings from comprehensive social media analysis to create and launch a marketing campaign lasting for three weeks. After the campaign, I will, in cooperation with fellow interns, analyze, consolidate, and present the results and findings.


What I really value about this experience is that I get to use everything I have learned during my Marketing studies in real-life cases that will have an impact on both the company and its customers. Furthermore, co-creating with experienced professionals within the company has given me the opportunity to obtain extensive knowledge within marketing, branding, and business in general.

Isak Adserø on stage
Isak Adserø on stage with his band.


Despite being such a large company with so many people, the social aspect in Hydro has been overwhelmingly good. Everyone I have met has been welcoming and helpful, but moreover proactive to have a chat by the desk or at the coffee machine. Socializing with other interns from different departments has been really great, and the common lunches every Tuesday with them has been one of my favorite happenings during this period.


Being thrown out in a real-life assignment from the first minute, the learning curve has surely been steep and something I never would have been without. I can’t imagine a better, more efficient way to increase career and knowledge development than what I have received in Hydro.


Well, I’m not quite sure yet, but I do know I want to work in a company that takes sustainability and development seriously. Sustainability is the single most important topic currently, and this will not change anytime soon. I guess saying that I would like to be part of change is a cliché, but it is true!

What would you say to someone thinking about working for Hydro?

If you would like to work for an ambitious company where you can have fun, explore, network and socialize with great people, and learn something new every day – there is no reason for you not to apply for Hydro

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