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Lindy Malene Ekeland

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Meet Lindy: ‘A good, safe and future-oriented workplace – great colleagues’

Lindy Malene Ekeland, 33, is an operator at our aluminium plant in Husnes, and appreciates opportunities to learn and grow.


Sandvoll, in western Norway. I have a certificate in chemistry and process operations.

Job and location

I am a Process operator at the Hydro Husnes aluminium plant.


I have a varied working day, where we as electrolysis operators work with process monitoring and operation of cells, which can involve taking measurements, draining metal or replacing anodes.


You get responsibility right away if you show you want it. You can also get the opportunity to develop more, for example, in further education.


Those of us who work shifts have a very nice time at work! We are very much in teams, and make sure we have a good working environment, where everyone is included. We are good at gathering socially outside working hours, where we like to go to the mountains, or travel on trips together.


I started as an apprentice in chemistry and process operations in electrolysis in 2009, and took a certificate in 2011. In the years since, I have taken courses in leadership, and got the role of substitute for area owners in shifts earlier this year. This means a lot of new learning, and some responsibility. Next up is a course in Operations Management, which is very exciting.

I have also been an apprentice ambassador for the last two years and have been involved in recruiting new apprentices. That’s been great!


Here you get a good, safe and future-oriented workplace. And not least, great colleagues.

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