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Select aluminium for a more sustainable automotive future

The carbon footprint of your electric vehicle is shaped by where the materials come from and how they are produced. Low-carbon aluminium is a key enabler to reducing the environmental impact of cars from the first kilometer onward.

Stig Tjotta
By Stig Tjotta, Head of Technology in Primary Metal, Hydro

We have turned the corner into a new transport paradigm. Driven by increasingly restrictive regulation to combat carbon emissions and improve air quality with emission-free driving, the future over the next two decades looks to be going clearly in the direction of e-mobility.

In this white paper, you will learn how low-carbon aluminium can help you achieve your weight-saving targets, as well as reduce the carbon footprint of your vehicle from a life-cycle perspective.



Download the white paper about material selection in E-mobility

…the best option to achieve optimum life-cycle sustainability is using certified low-carbon aluminium with a low GWP of 3-4 kg CO2e/kg Al.

Some of the key topics discussed in the white paper are:

  • Light-weighting to increase range and reduce cost
  • Carbon footprint of electric vehicles from a life-cycle perspective and why material selection is key
  • Knowing where the materials in your vehicle come from and how they are produced matters. The white paper enables you to ask the right questions of your material suppliers
  • Aluminium is not just aluminium – low-carbon aluminium will help you reach your emission targets

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Download the white paper about material selection in E-mobility

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