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Aluminium playground equipment by Søve

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Søve relies on Hydro CIRCAL low-carbon aluminium

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is important to Søve, which makes playground equipment. So they wanted Hydro CIRCAL, a low-carbon aluminium with high recycled content.

Norway-based Søve, founded four decades ago, has the best interests of children – and others who use their fitness and play equipment – at heart. They have long used aluminium for its light weight, strength and ability to stand up to the elements.

With an increased focus on sustainability, Søve went through the life cycle of all of its products. The result is hundreds of products proudly bearing the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

“When we had to Nordic Ecolabel our products, it was important that our suppliers lined up to support us,” Søve announced. “The aluminum had to be recycled in order for us to be Nordic Ecolabelled. Today we get environmentally friendly aluminum in the highest quality – Hydro CIRCAL – supplied by Hydro.

“It is also important for us, our community and the climate that our materials have a short distance to travel.”

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Indeed, Hydro CIRCAL is both a more sustainable alternative and supplied to Søve from our aluminium extrusion plant in Magnor, Norway.

recycled aluminiumIt is an extrusion ingot that contains at least 75% post-consumer recycled aluminium, such as from aluminium cans, door windows, automobile components, among others. Using recycled aluminium, we drastically reduce energy use in the production phase while still offering high-quality aluminium.

The Nordic Swan organization praised Søve for its choice. “In all change, someone must take the lead,” says Anne-Grethe Henriksen, Marketing and Communications Manager at the Nordic Ecolabel. “Søve is a good example of this. They went back into their own value chain and challenged their subcontractor Hydro on the environment. The result was a new sustainable product and reduced environmental impact throughout Søve's value chain. Ambitious environmental requirements have positive ripple effects throughout the market.”

"It's very good to see Hydro CIRCAL gaining traction in yet another industry. We have been very impressed by the way Søve is driving sustainability and their proactive approach when it comes to material selection. We are really proud to be selected as a supplier for their products," says Morten Bråten, Managing Director Hydro Extrusion Norway.

With Hydro CIRCAL, Søve’s outdoor equipment will delight generations to come.

Aluminium playground equipment from Søve
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