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Two people sitting on the peace bench "The Best Weapon"

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Why dialogue matters

We celebrate Human Rights Day by talking about the importance of dialogue, because diversity, inclusion and belonging play an important role in how we respect human rights.

December 10 is Human Rights Day, celebrated around the world to honor the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  

The Nobel Peace Prize is also officially marked today. This year’s prize goes to two journalists for their efforts to safeguard freedom of expression. In Hydro, dialogue is key on so many levels: between employees, between management and employees, with employee representatives and unions, with customers, with our suppliers, with authorities, with local communities, with NGOs, with media – to mention a few.  

How can businesses use dialogue as the foundation for respecting human rights, resolving issues and creating a more inclusive workplace and society? In this video, we have captured different perspectives on why dialogue matters.

Dialogue matters – it makes a difference. It is about living our values of care, courage and collaboration – to listening and making sure all voices are heard in our workplace and in society.

Happy Human Rights Day!

Top image: The peace bench "The Best Weapon" is designed as a symbol of dialogue and peace. The aluminium bench was unveiled in front of the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo in December 2021.

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