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Hapert’s take-back system supports a circular economy

Hapert Trailers is actively working on reducing its CO2 footprint. One of the company’s actions – a take-back agreement for used aluminium – will also support the circular economy.

Hapert has shown that it is serious about its environmental target, with measures such as:

  • Installing solar panels on the roof of its facility, which has resulted in renewable energy with zero emissions
  • Installing a system for ventilation with heat recovery (WTW) in its welding department, which has resulted in a 45 percent reduction in its consumption of natural gas

In addition, Hapert has participated in a study together with employers' association VNO-NCW to better weigh and separate the residual flows from its own business operations. This resulted in the new take-back system they set up together with Hydro, which delivers sustainable aluminium extrusions that are used in the trailers.


With the take-back system, Hapert collects the aluminium residue produced during the production of its trailers and places the scrap in special recycling bins. Hydro takes this scrap and remelts the metal so that it can be processed again into new profiles for Hapert Trailers.

Recycling bin from Hydro at Hapert

Aluminium profiles are infinitely recyclable while maintaining its unique properties. Recycling also requires only 5 percent of the original energy needed to produce aluminium. Super sustainable!

The companies are also collaborating on the development of an aluminium pallet system. These extrusion-based pallets, transported from Hydro to Hapert Trailers, can be used again and again – and the waste stream is thus further reduced.

"By working together, we can achieve our sustainable objectives," says Dirk Vermaas, Hapert’s supply chain manager.

Account manager Martin Bruins Slot of Hydro adds that "through this collaboration, we get a triple-win situation: for the buyer, the producer, and for our planet."

About Hapert

Hapert Trailers has been producing and supplying trailers in the weight class up to 3500 kg for more than 50 years. With 80 full-time employees, the company produces around 10,000 trailers a year.

Thanks to the proven welding technology and the safety margin applied with regard to the load capacity, the trailers are among the strongest and most robust in Europe. With these innovative transport solutions, they are the market leader in the Benelux.

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