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Glazed Facade

This system of easy realization and assembly, consists of a "grid", where the glasses are taken to pressure between gaskets, having external covers of different forms and measures.
Its main use is destined to the Low Plants; however it is possible to use it between slabs or as an integral front, by means of specially designed anchors.
The system includes drains in the pressors and in the horizontal exterior covers, to evacuate the eventual infiltration of water and/or the condensation of humidity, and to allow the ventilation of the glasses.
It is made up of columns and tubular sleepers of 60, 100, 130 and 180 mm in depth.
To avoid protruding at the joints between the covers, the system has vertical covers of different heights from the horizontal ones.
The Thermal Bridge Break is produced using Double Hermetic Glazing or insulated panel, as there is an effective separation between the exterior and interior profiles, preventing heat transfer.

Glazed Roof 

It is possible to realize glazed roofs, with self-supporting purlins and purlins or with independent structure.
The system has a condensate water collection gutter, and uses the same covers and pressors as the Glazed Front.
The system itself consists of only fixed cloths. However, it is possible to insert different types of carpentry, varying their exterior view accordingly:
Projection panels: no exterior aluminium vision, using glass skin elements with simple glass or DVH, glued with structural silicone.
Hinged, swinging and/or door windows: with apparent view of frame and aluminium sheet.
Inertial columns:
            Four columns with different moments of inertia to suit different requirements.


60 mm column, Jxx= 34 cm4
100 mm column, Jxx= 118 cm4
130 mm column, Jxx= 261 cm4
180 mm column, Jxx= 509 cm4

Technical Data