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Hermeticity: By means of a continuous EPDM gasket that ensures a perfect closing of the sash, resembling a swing window.

Thickness of the glass: Accommodation for Double Glazing Hermetic from 23 mm to 31 mm.

Basic dimensions of the system:

Width of the frame: 135 mm

Blade width: 65 mm

Basic characteristics of the system:

Frame and leaves assembled at 45° by means of mechanical die-cast aluminium brackets.

Doors and windows of one sliding leaf and one fixed panel.

Other possible configuration: two sliding sashes and central fixed panel
The sash runs inside the frame like a conventional sliding door, but when it is closed the special accessory takes it to the frame and the central wall, compressing the perimeter seal, achieving a tightness and watertightness that is unparalleled by conventional sliding doors.

Smooth and simple operation.

Multi-point locks depending on the height of the leaf.

Recommended dimensions.

Height of the leaf: between 600 and 2500 mm

Blade width: between 400 and 2500 mm

Maximum leaf weight: 250 kg

Technical Data