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Main dimensions:

Frames: 137 mm in two guides.

Sheets: 41.4 mm.

Gaskets: In E.P.D.M.

Accessories: Specially designed, made in polyamide,

aluminium, zamak and/or stainless steel.


Reinforced frame, straight and coplanar in all its perimeter.

Leaf armed at 45º coplanar in all its perimeter.

Glass thickness:

Hermetic double glazing in offset with cameras from

12 to 20 mm. Interior glass up to 4+4 mm.

The system allows the realization of: Windows and sliding doors of 2, 3 and 4 leaves.

As an option, by using the corresponding accessory, the sashes can have a lifting movement, notably increasing the airtightness and watertightness due to the replacement of plush with

EPDM fittings.

- Slides up to 300 kg with Pabose bearings.

- Lifts up to 150 kg.