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HA 110

Aluminum sliding windows, developed to make large projects possible.

living room interior. large sliding doors to outside area

By means of siliconized polypropylene plush with a double central semi-rigid polypropylene sheet in a sliding version.

E.P.D.M. gaskets in the lifting version.

Thickness of the glass:
Accommodation for double glazing up to 28 mm, for single glass up to 10 mm, with adapter profile.

Basic system dimensions:
Frame width: 110 mm on two guides, 165 mm on three guides.

Width of the leaf: 41.4 mm.

Basic characteristics of the system:
- Doors and windows of two, three or four sliding leaves, with simple sliding or option with lifting mechanism.

- The frame of two guides has a depth of 110 mm both horizontally and vertically, and the three guides has 165 mm on all four sides, resulting always coplanar. The profiles that make up the frame are tubular, ensuring greater rigidity of the slide rails, and slots are made in the sill to drain rainwater.

- The joints between the sill and the lintel with the jambs have a watertight seal in order to insulate the water box. The sliding leaves have a depth of 41.4 mm and are assembled at 45º.

- The system allows to work with a maximum weight of up to 280 kg per leaf in the simple sliding version, and up to 400 kg in the reinforced upright version HA 110 XL

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