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HA 62 Sliding lifting

Sliding window a system that, through its lifting mechanism, notably improves the watertightness, watertightness and thermal and acoustic insulation.


2-panel sliding windows and doors (optionally 1 sliding and 1 fixed panel).

Frames assembled at 90°, sashes assembled at 45°, using die-cast aluminium mechanical pull brackets.

Simple glasses placed with an adapter profile and D.V.H. in a sash profile without an adapter.

Hermetic: By means of special E.P.D.M. gaskets.

Basic system dimensions:

Width of the frame: 104 mm

Blade width: 34.8 mm

Thickness of the glass:

Single glass up to 8 mm, using adapter profile

DVH up to 24 mm

Load capacity:

In windows up to 60 kilos per sash.

In doors up to 120 kilos per leaf.