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HA 62 Thermal Break

The ultimate high-performance Thermal Break solution.


HA 62 RPT Sliding
Basic system dimensions:
Width of the frame: 62 mm.
Width of the Leaf: 31 mm.
Glass thickness: DVH up to 24 mm.
Glass application: Glass contained in leaf profile.
Hermeticity: By means of siliconized polypropylene plush, with central trim of double sheet of semi-rigid polypropylene.
Sliding doors and windows of 2 and 3 sheets.
Doors and windows of 2 leaves with sliding mosquito net.
Technical features:
Cutting of the sheet at 45º, profiles assembled by means of mechanical pull brackets.
Frame with water box, with condensate collector and guide for eventual sliding mosquito net.
Inertial leaf crossing (optional) that allows the resolution of sliding balcony doors.
The Thermal  Break is achieved in the frame with PA 6-6 rods reinforced with 25% of 12 mm fiberglass, in the leaf with 25 mm rods, of special design that avoids the contact of the metallic square with the profiles.

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HA 62 RPT Hinged
Basic system dimensions:
Frames: width 62 mm. Assembly: at 45°.
Leaves: width 62 mm. Assembly: at 45°.
There are 2 measures of height of frames and leaves in order to adapt to every aesthetic and/or functional need.

Glass thickness: DVH from 24 to 40 mm.

1, 2 and 3 sash windows.
Folding doors to the interior, of 1 and 2 leaves.
Folding doors to the outside, of 1 and 2 leaves.
Single sash tilt and turn windows, or combined with another single sash.
Sliding projecting windows.
Flap windows.
Parallel sliding windows.
Fixed panels.
Technical characteristics:
Coplanar image on the outside and inside.
Profiles with three cameras that guarantee greater stability.
Outer chamber of the leaf profile that allows the conduction of the eventual infiltration directly to the outside.
Large pressure equalizing chamber.
Standard European chamber for the accommodation of accessories.
Thermal bridge breaking by means of 6.6 polyamide bars reinforced with 25% of glass fibre, 24 mm wide, with a hot-melt cord at the ends to guarantee an efficient sealing against the profiles.
Central gasket in E.P.D.M. designed to guarantee a greater hermetic and watertightness.
Glasses applied with straight clipped counter-glasses and EPDM gaskets.
Accessories specially designed for the line.
Traction brackets.
Possibility of assembling two-coloured openings.