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Rotonda 700 folding door

Innovative concepts in typologies


Development that allows the use of accessories and compatible hardware for 16 mm channel.

Air and water tightness: Double contact, by means of EPDM fittings.

Application of the glass: By means of counter-glasses.

Glass thickness:

In fixed panels: 3 to 20 mm glass.
On doors: glass from 6 to 31 mm.

Basic dimensions of the system:
Width of the frame: 70 mm.
- Frame assembly: at 45°.
Width of the leaf: 51 mm.
- Armed leaves: 45 °.
Leaf coplanar to the frame on the outside, superimposed on the inside.


1 and 2 sash windows to the interior.
Folding doors to the interior of 1 and 2 leaves.
Tilt and turn windows of 1 sash, or combined with another single sash.
Parallel sliding windows/doors
Folding windows/doors, inwards and outwards.
Flap windows.
Fixed panels.

Main characteristics:

Frame and leaf cut at 45° and assembled by means of mechanical draw-in brackets, in die-cast aluminium.
Simple machining, by means of masks supplied by hardware suppliers.
Coplanar image on the outside and superimposed on the inside.
The line can be coupled to the ROTONDA 700.
Glasses applied with curved and/or straight clipped counter-glasses.
EPDM watertightness seals.
Accessories and fittings to be applied for 16 mm channel.