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Hermeticity: By means of siliconized polypropylene plush, with
double-sheet semi-rigid polypropylene central lining.
Glass thickness: single up to 8 mm. DVH up to 24 mm.

Basic dimensions of the system:

Frame width: 70 mm. with water box.
Width of the Sheet: 28 mm.


 Hermeticity: By means of central EPDM gasket.
Application of the glass: With curved counter-glasses applied by means of clips.
Glass thickness: single up to 6 mm. DVH up to 24 mm.
Frame width: 70 mm. Width of the leaf: 40 mm. (coplanar)


2, 3, and 4 sash sliding doors and windows, with 2 and 3 guide frames. (optional mosquito net and central wall reinforcement)
1, 2 and 3 sash windows to the inside.
1 and 2 sash windows to the outside
1 and 2-panel inward-facing doors
Single pane tilt and turn windows, or combined with a single pane tilt and turn window.
Projection, banner, ventilation or sliding windows, with 70 or 40 mm frame.
Sash window, pivot window, tilting window and fixed panel.
Technical features:

 Frame and sash at 45º, assembled with mechanical pullout brackets.
Alternative leaf profiles with contained glass or counter-glasses.