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Modulo I

Rotonda 640 / EQ / Doppia


Half Performance - Roundabout 640 and Doppia

Day 1:

 Presentation of Hydro Extrusion Argentina.

 Roundabout 640 - Sliding

 Roundabout 640 - Hinged / EQ

 Practice Armed R640 Sliding.

Day 2:

 Doppia Roundabout - Double Reinforced Slide

Considerations for the Placement in Work of those of aluminum carpentries.

 Softtech Computer Program.

 Practical Assembly R640 Tilting.


 To introduce the participants to our company Hydro Extrusion Argentina.

 To provide the necessary knowledge for the correct assembly of slides and swinging systems of the Rotonda 640.

 To present the double slide with fixed cloth of Rotonda Doppia and its applications.

 Assemble a sliding window and a tilting window showing the punchings with the HydroPack system.

 To show which are the systems for the placement of aluminum carpentry in work.

 Use of the free Softtech carpentry program to calculate, estimate and order materials.

To whom it is addressed:

 Anyone interested in starting a new trade or who needs to become familiar with our Medium Performance lines.

 This is an initialization course and no previous knowledge is required.