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High Performance - HA62 - HA110 - HA135

Day 1:

 HA62 Swing and Slide.

 HA62 Raising.

 Practical Raising Ironwork HA62.

 Visit Specialist in Accessories.

Day 2:

 HA110 Sliding and Lifting.

 HA110 Vision

 HA135 Parallel Slide.

 Practical Assembly Lifting Hardware HA110

 Practical Assembly Hardware HA135


 To know the characteristics of the High Performance in Hydro Aluminum Carpentry

 To provide the necessary knowledge for the correct assembly of the Ata Performance Sliding systems with all its cutting options either 90, 45 or mixed as well as of the Hinged, Lifting and Sliding-Parallel Systems within the HA62, HA110 and HA135 lines.

 Assemble HA62 Lift system plus one HA110 and one Sliding-Parallel system showing punching with the HydroPack system

To whom it is addressed:

 This course is designed for anyone who needs to know about High Performance and its possibilities of application to the most current and unique projects.

 It is advisable to have previous experience for the correct understanding of these systems or to have completed at least Course I



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