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press operator Mandy Heinrich

Meet Mandy: press operator in Rackwitz

Mandy Heinrich has been employed at Hydro at the press in the Rackwitz extrusion plant since November 2021. Mandy became aware of Hydro through a family member who himself completed a trial day in Rackwitz. She tells us what she appreciates about the extrusion plant, what motivates her and what her goals are.

In her daily work, Mandy Heinrich creates aluminum profiles, measures them and pays attention to their quality on the horizontal bar. She finds the profiles that are created from a 6-hole die particularly challenging. "I have to make sure that I lay and bend the profiles correctly," reports Mandy.

As a new member of the team, her goal is for her to reach the level of knowledge of her more experienced colleagues and her foreman and to master her tasks like them. This includes, among other things, ensuring the quality of the profiles. "I make sure that the dimensions of the profiles and the correct specifications are taken, and I check the appearance immediately after it comes out of the press, for example for bubbles and other unevenness."

press operator Mandy Heinrich

More women in production

In addition to the financial aspect and 30 days vacation, the relaxed work with men was the decisive reason for her to start at Hydro Extrusion Rackwitz. As a woman in production, the 33-year-old feels very comfortable. She is accepted and there is open communication. Nevertheless, she notes that one should not underestimate the work. Some profiles are very heavy and you should not be afraid of them. Should more women be employed in production? Mandy can affirm this, but there should still be a balanced relationship between the genders.

More than just work

In addition to working in a family team, she is happy about the surprising Santa Claus and Christmas presents.

Hydro as an employer is great.

Mandy can also cope with the shift system – the days off in between compensate for this. "I feel very comfortable and would like to retire here," Mandy is convinced.

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