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Quality over quantity

“We're not the Bentleys, but the Ferraris among skis. For us, it's not about luxury, but about performance, ”explains Mathieu Fauve, Head of Product Development Skis at Stöckli - a company that has turned its attention to manufacturing high-performance skis for racing. It's no wonder that quality is the top priority of the only remaining Swiss ski manufacturer. Hydro has also recently become their supplier. Stöckli uses extruded profiles produced in Nenzing to make the end piece of the ski.

Anyone who says high performance is also saying high tech, because racing skis have to meet the most extreme demands. They are manufactured in 140 manufacturing steps from up to 15 layers of various materials and over 15 additional parts. The end piece is one of them - a part that is subjected to particularly high stress, because off-piste it protects the ski with every impact of the rear edge on bare ground.

Skier from Stöckli

“Aluminum is ideal for this because of its mechanical properties in all directions and its elasticity,” says Mathieu Fauve.

In addition, aluminum is very easy to process. Hence, it is without a doubt the preferred material.

The Stöckli development department knows from experience which special alloy is needed and how the end piece should look like. But to what extent it is feasible is an entirely different matter. To achieve this, the Swiss ski professionals worked closely with the aluminum professionals from Hydro. Together they developed and optimized, and the result is a profile that is now produced in Nenzing: a long profile that is mechanically processed and made into end pieces in the Stöckli factory in Malters, near Lucerne.

Stöckli ski in production

Stöckli is definitely satisfied with the product and the cooperation with Hydro. Mathieu Fauve confirms: “So far, only one end protection profile has been used. But we are already planning to equip other types of skis with other end protection profiles made of Hydro material.” Undoubtedly the beginning of a successful cooperation between two leading companies in their respective industries, for which quality is not just an argument in advertising.

End piece of Stöckli ski

Stöckli Swiss Sports AG
Eistrasse 5a
CH-6102 Malters

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