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Hydro eases the front of the 7 Series BMW

The new 7 Series BMW 7 copes with two revolutions in automotive engineering. On the one hand, with a vehicle front that designers dream of: without an outstanding bumper, smooth and flush. On the other hand, the new flagship from BMW is up to 55 kilograms lighter than its predecessor. The Norwegian aluminum group Hydro helped with both: with customized aluminum solutions.

The new design and BMW's own “Efficient Dynamics” technology reduce fuel consumption by up to 12 percent compared to the old 7 Series. Hydro strengthens and lightens the front end of the new top BMW vehicle with ten aluminum structural parts.

The front module delivers the necessary energy consumption for the luxury car without the bumper sticking out as usual. In particular, components for a lower load path for pedestrian protection achieve this, supported by two lower crash boxes. The required absorption in a frontal impact over both load paths is guaranteed. Hydro also supplies the BMW 7 Series with a lighter cross-connection with improved torsional rigidity at a price comparable to that of a steel solution.

Lightweight construction with aluminum reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in automobiles and other means of transport. In many applications, aluminum solutions also beat competitive materials in terms of functionality.

Hydro is a leading supplier of aluminum alloys as well as rolled and extruded aluminum semi-finished products and components, world market leader in heat exchangers and with systems for impact protection. The turnover with the automotive industry exceeds 1.4 billion euros per year.

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