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Annual Report 2008 available online

How was 2008 for Hydro? The annual report provides information. Read the English version online now: whether individual tables, the compact brochure with reading material on our core topics or the detailed financial report.

Annual Report 2008: Mastering problems

"Record sales and historically high prices for & nbsp; aluminum have been followed by free fall in demand and the price of aluminum to lows for decades. We are experiencing how quickly and how deeply everything can change - and how vital it is to react to it what is happening and not what is hoped for to happen, "writes & nbsp; Eivind, Hydro's CEO and CEO, along with & nbsp; Svein Richard Brandtzæg, who will be President and CEO as of March 30, at the beginning of the annual report, which is now published on the Hydro website.

The reporting for Hydro 2008 consists of three different documents:

  1. The central "Annual Report 2008" in English with detailed information about Hydro, business, operating performance, key financial figures, sustainability balance sheet, corporate governance and the financial statement
  2. "Financial Statements and Board of Directors' Report - 2008", the & nbsp; pure & nbsp; Mandatory financial report under Norwegian law
  3. "2008 - in brief" & nbsp; the compact summary of the results, services and core topics of Hydro. & nbsp; A German translation, & nbsp; "2008 at a glance", & nbsp; is in progress.

How sustainable Hydro has worked and what is to be noted in terms of sustainability is now in the "Annual Report - 2008" as well as further details on the website. & nbsp;

Read or load instead of print

it says and remains the complete content of all three reports as well as a lot of additional information down to individual tables, such as the production performance of the individual rolling mills

For the sake of the environment:

  • Order printed reports on the website only if you really need them.
  • It's best to read online. Make a note of individual parts for re-reading, for example by storing them as page favorites.
  • Feel free to copy parts of the report that you also need offline to your computer as a PDF. & nbsp;

This text is machine translated. To view the original German text, click on DE on the top right of this window

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