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Experts discuss sustainable building

Essential presentations are now available from the international seminar on sustainable building that Hydro recently organized at Ulm.

On the occasion of the inauguration of the largest and most modern facade test center in Europe, the following spoke:

  • Dr. Arab Hoballah , United Nations, UNEP:
    & nbsp; statements including Without improved buildings, almost no country can meet its Kyoto targets. // "We need carrots, sticks and tambourines" to achieve climate-friendly building
  • Prof. Samuele Furfari , European Commission, DG TREN, Deputy Head of Regulation and Promotion of Renewable Energies:
    u.a. "Photovoltaics is one of the most expensive, most uneconomical ways to reduce our carbon footprint."
  • Prof. Gerd Hauser , TU Munich, head of the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, founder and head of the Society for Sustainable Building:
    u.a. The seal of approval for sustainable construction coordinated with the federal government is measured according to 63 parameters, each with several indicators and parameters.
  • Prof. Anton Maas , University of Kassel, board member of the Center for Environmentally Conscious Building:
    u.a. & nbsp; Possible reference construction and system technology for residential buildings 2012
  • Einar Håndlykken , CEO of the environmental organization Zero: & nbsp; “The future buildings in a climate perspective”
  • Svein Richard Brandtzæg , President and CEO, Hydro: u.a. How intelligent building system solutions with aluminum enable sustainable, energy-efficient building

Furthermore, Prof. Matthias Schuler , Harvard University and managing director of Transsolar , an undocumented keynote speech. He discussed the basics of sustainable construction and his major project in the United Arab Emirates, Masdar City , which is to become the first self-sufficient city in the world without CO2 emissions or waste.

Examples of sustainable construction were shown by the architecture firm SauerbruchHutton , which is considered a pioneer of sustainable construction (here an interview in the Süddeutsche Zeitung on July 7, 2009) :

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