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Hydro announces price increase for strips and sheets

Hydro hereby informs all general engineering customers of an increase in the sales price for uncoated strips and sheets in 5xxx alloys by 50 euros per ton.

All Hydro rolling mills that produce these alloys are fully booked in the second quarter. For this reason, this increase will actually affect all deliveries from July 1, 2011 onwards. Firm agreements already made are respected.

The sheet stocks of 1xxx alloys have increased in the market. For this reason, Hydro will reduce the production output for 1050 alloy sheets with immediate effect. In summer, the cross-cutting system will be idle to carry out maintenance work during the entire plant holiday.

As soon as the stocks in the market have returned to a normal level, production will be brought back up to the previous level. Sales prices for 1050 sheets will be carried over from the second to the third quarter.

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