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Energy-efficient buildings on tap for Norwegian Minister visiting India

Energy-efficient buildings were on the agenda when the Norwegian Minister of Government, Administration, Reform and Church Affairs, Rigmor Aasrud, visited Hydro’s headquarters in Bangalore, India, on Wednesday.

"Buildings account for approximately 40 per cent of the world's energy consumption, so I found it inspiring and fascinating to learn more about how Hydro develops solutions for energy-efficient and energy-positive buildings," Aasrud said after the meeting.

Aasrud was received at the new headquarters for Hydro's building systems activities in Bangalore, a building which is designed to use as little as 60 kWh per square meter annually.

The Hydro building is equipped with integrated solutions for sun-shading and solar cell-based electricity production, which is one of the reasons the building qualifies for a LEED platinum certification. LEED is a certification system for energy-efficient buildings and platinum is the highest degree awarded.

"We spent most of the time talking about energy-efficiency in buildings," said Subhendu Ganguly, Hydro's head of Building Systems in India. He adds that the minister seemed very interested in this topic.

During the visit Aasrud was presented a series of pictures of energy-efficient buildings for which Hydro has delivered façade solutions, most of them from Europe and India. Ganguly also talked warmly about the ambitions of Powerhouse, which is a collaboration on energy-positive buildings in "ice-cold" Norway.

"If we can make energy-positive buildings in the cold climate of Norway, I think we can make them anywhere," Ganguly told the minister.

  • Powerhouse is a collaboration on energy-positive buildings formed by Entra Eiendom, Skanska, Snøhetta, the environmental organization ZERO and Hydro. Since Powerhouse was established in May 2011, the alliance has started working on two energy-positive projects in Norway, one new building at Brattørkaia in Trondheim and one rehabilitation project near Oslo.

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