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District President: Lightweight construction is an important contribution to climate protection

A new milestone for the future automotive line 3 at the Grevenbroich plant: the Düsseldorf regional government has now given Hydro full permission to operate the ultra-modern plant on a permanent basis.

“Our major project continues to make good progress on time and within budget. In 2016 we will still produce the first products on the new system - and thus meet the rapidly growing needs of our customers from the automotive industry, "said Christoph Budde, head of the hydro-rolled products plant in Grevenbroich, when the President of the Government Anne Lütkes told him on December 1st Certificate of approval handed over. The official opening is planned for 2017.

Lütkes said: "We are particularly pleased that with this new large-scale industrial facility, the creation of jobs in the Düsseldorf region is accompanied by clear ecological innovation." to mitigate.

Hydro has also designed the production lines for light aluminum body panels so that their production requires significantly less electricity and gas than comparable systems. "This way, our region underlines that it remains an asset for environmentally conscious industrial progress," said Lütkes.

The expanded automotive center increases the annual capacity for aluminum body panels at the Grevenbroich hydro plant from 50,000 tons to 200,000 tons. The new buildings are already there: a 30-meter and 100-meter-long high-bay warehouse and a 210-meter-long production hall. At the beginning of this week, the manufacturers of the machines and transport devices also started to install them.

Hydro submitted the first AL 3 application to the district government as the regulatory authority at the end of September 2014. Even though the district government examined the project in a simplified procedure without formal participation of the citizens, Hydro used its neighborhood dialogue, which has been maintained for five years, and informed the neighborhood in the neighboring districts of Allrath, Barrenstein and Grevenbroich-Südstadt as well as the local media about the concept at an early stage and several times and construction progress of the major investment. The district government's hearing ended on November 23, 2015, and three days later the positive approval notice was issued.

APPROVAL: The decision for the AL 3, a data file with five files, was given by the President of the Government Anne Lütkes to Hydro Plant Manager Christoph Budde. (PHOTO: Anja Tinter)

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