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Long night of industry with 200 aluminum guests in Neuss

For the first time, Hydro's Rheinwerk in Neuss took part in the "Long Night of Industry in Rhine-Ruhr". Overall, the Middle Lower Rhine region was very well represented with 32 companies; Alunorf's 50% stake in Hydro also participated.

Two groups each with 50 participants visited Alunorf, the world's largest rolling and smelting plant, and the Rheinwerk, Germany's largest and best aluminum smelter - and were impressed.

“We received excellent, sometimes enthusiastic, feedback from our guests - whether they were school leavers, young workers or interested citizens from all ages. Many of them prefer to work with us, ”said plant manager Jan Peterlic. In fact, his Rheinwerk is currently looking for additional employees, including for the new, soon to be fully installed recycling plant for used aluminum beverage cans.

Peterlic and his team organized a one-hour tour of the sub-plants, electrolysis, anode production and foundry - everything went like clockwork. "Since safety is our top priority, we had meticulously planned how to avoid the risk of accidents as far as possible," says Peterlic. Every guest walked on marked paths with sturdy footwear, safety helmet and goggles, hearing protection and a safety vest. The 50 guests were divided into small groups of 10 participants each. Two supervisors per group explained the production processes and also paid attention to a safe process. & Nbsp;

Visitors were also eager to learn about hydro, aluminum and the applications in which the metal from the Rheinwerk works efficiently. After all, aluminum is still a young material, the versatile advantages of which are not generally known - right up to recycling with only 5% of the energy that is required to produce it once.

The "Long Night of Industry" was a good occasion to bring visitors closer to the Rheinwerk and our industry. This is an important step to make the aluminum industry more transparent and to further increase acceptance among the population.

Alunorf, the world's largest aluminum rolling and melting plant, has been involved in the "Long Night of Industry" for years. Also there, right next to the Rheinwerk, 100 guests were received on Thursday and familiarized more closely with aluminum and the industrial processes in the plant.

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