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Hydro Extrusions Tibshelf

Our Tibshelf site offers standard and bespoke aluminium extruded profiles with an in-house casthouse for aluminium remelting and production.

Tibshelf location

Did you know?

Tibshelf are one of four UK manufacturing plants who are certified according to the ASI Performance Standard and ASI's Chain of Custody Standard, which recognises the responsible production, sourcing and stewardship of aluminium.

Tibshelf is one of our primary UK extrusion plants with two presses, an in-house die correction facility and a casthouse for aluminium remelting.

Our Tibshelf cast house produces 6xxx alloys in billet form; 7, 8- and 9-inch diameter capability serving all our UK sites.

A mixture of scrap aluminium and high purity primary aluminium is melted, and then alloyed to customer specifications using concentrated alloying elements (master alloys) with no compromise in strength and quality.  

After degassing and filtration, the liquid metal is cast into billets using the Direct Chill casting process. The billets are then homogenised to ensure a uniform microstructure, and the provide extrusion presses with a reliable, consistent and high-quality product for our customers.



Hydro Aluminium UK Ltd

Saw Pit Lane, Alfreton, Tibshelf

DE55 5NH Derbyshire

United Kingdom
+44 191 301 1200